Shots Lead Corporate Covenant Signing

Aldershot Town will this week lead the Vanarama National League in signing the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant in central London.

Team Captain Sean McGinty and midfielder Jake Gallagher will represent The Shots at the event on Horse Guards Parade, as National League Chairman Brian Barwick adds his signature to the Covenant, which Aldershot Town were the first football club to sign in May 2014.

A unique piece of sporting and military history will also be present at the signing, in the Loos Football which was used by Allied Troops in an impromptu match in No-Man’s Land during the Battle of Loos, in France in September 1915.

After this signing, all other 67 National League clubs will sign individual pledges at the League’s conference in Telford in January.

Since its inception in June 2013, over 700 companies have publicly pledged their support to the armed forces community by signing the Corporate Covenant, the main principle of which is to ensure that no member of the armed forces community should face disadvantage at work or in the community compared to other citizens, and in some circumstances may receive special consideration for those who have given most to their country, such as the injured or bereaved.

The covenant exists to redress the disadvantages that the armed forces community may face in comparison to other citizens, and to recognise sacrifices made. It is supported by the community covenant and the corporate covenant, both of which encourage local communities and businesses to support the armed forces community and promote public understanding and awareness.