Vanarama Team-Mates: Mitch Walker takes the league sponsors deep inside the Aldershot dressing room!

Shots goalkeeper Mitch Walker caught up with National League sponsors Vanarama and shared his thoughts about his team-mates ahead of tomorrow’s game against A.F.C. Barrow:

You can choose three Shots team-mates to go on a road trip with – who do you pick to jump in the car?
A: Dean Rance as we are already in a car school. Ryan Hall to keep the goalie union going and Robbie Tinkler as he has fished before and we could send the other two to sleep by talking tactics!

But who is the one player you wouldn’t let near the motor!
A: George Fowler. I think he is jealous of my 15 year old retro car and seems to abuse it whenever he gets the chance. I feel one day he could try and sabotage it!

Who would you ban from touching the car stereo?
A: All the lads have a similar taste in music to me so I would happily have any of them controlling the stereo, as long as Elvis, Earth Wind and Fire, Royal Blood, Swedish House Mafia and Vegaboys came on at least once.

Who is a manager in the making?
A: Lewis Kinsella. He has already started his career on the management path by coaching the Shots U9 team. He has been teaching them how to have a worldly left foot.

But who is least likely to go down that path?
A: Actually the majority of the boys I think could go into it one day!

Who is the official dressing room joker?
A: There are a few in the changing room that seem to be going under the radar and there’s been a few funny situations that have happened where the culprit has stayed a mystery.

Who spends the longest in front of the mirror after games?
A: Too many – there’s a lot of creaming and sorting out barnets that go on!

Who is your best mate at the club?
A: All the lads are good lads in their own way!