Upgrading your TV this Black Friday? Help the club and donate your old one!

Planning to upgrade your TV to the next generation of television? If so, what were you planning on doing with your old one?

You could try and sell it online, take it to a charity shop or even the dump… OR you could donate it to your football club!

We are looking for one or two new televisions for our facilities around the EBB and would love your help!

Getting rid of an old TV can be a hassle, so if you’re nearby, we could even arrange a collection to take your old TV off your hands, while you are helping your local club!

If you have a TV you would be willing to donate with the following specifications then please contact or call 01252 320211 for more information:

  • Working
  • Screen size: 40 – 50 inches OR 20 – 30 inches
  • Must have HDMI input
  • Ideally have USB input
  • Working Remote Control