The Golden Ticket

This season the Shots launched the Golden Ticket Raffle, the brain-child of Shots legend and commercial guru Mark Butler. The concept is simple, you buy a £100 and 75% goes into Garys first team budget and 25% goes into the prize pot. The fantastic support has rallied round and bought over 450 tickets and helped the club secure the services of Gerry McDonagh, John Goddard George Elokobi, Rollin Menayese and Bernard Mensah.

As it stands the prizes will be £8,102.50 for 1st place, £2,315 for 2nd place and £1,157.50 for 3rd place.

The club would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and a particular thanks to Paul MacDonald for helping secure the endorsement of some big names.

Below is the full compilation of videos that have been put out for the Golden Ticket!