We are pleased to release this season’s official team photo!

From left to right:

Back row: Kodi Lyons-Foster, Giles Phillips, Inih Effiong, Tyler Cordner, Corey Jordan, Michael Klass, Ben Shroll.

Middle row: Robbie Yates, Tom Prodomo, Francis Amartey, Justin Amaluzor, Luca Ashby-Hammond, Ryan Hall, Archie Davies, Maxwell Mullins, Harrison Panayiotou, Adam Kwiecien.

Front row: Bradley Reed, Ben De Lacy-Turner, Josh McQuoid, Ryan Glover, Joe Partington, Mark Molesley, Ollie Harfield, Keane Anderson, Tommy Willard, Michael Koopowitz.

*Please note that this photo was taken on 5/8/22 and any player or staff changes since then will not be represented in the team photo.