SPONSORS: Akiko Web Design continue their support as Short Sponsors!

Akiko Web Design have continued their support as Short sponsors of Aldershot Town Football Club and we are extremely grateful for their support.

Akiko Web Design stated:

“Akiko build digital products that are both visually appealing and technically robust. Our websites and apps are engaging, intuitive and easily updated so that you can take your customers on user journeys that result in success for your organisation.

“We are happy to consider projects of all shapes and sizes, from small portfolio websites through to bespoke e-commerce solutions and large scale custom developments. We will always recommend the best solution for your needs and our team of developers are fluent in a range of different platforms including WordPress, .NET and various eCommerce solutions.

“Akiko will work with you throughout the whole process from project scope through to pre-launch testing. You will be accompanied every step of the way, by a member of our dedicated team of account managers, to ensure that your project is delivered on budget and within the agreed timescale.”

Check out what they offer on their website HERE

Commercial Manager Mark Butler said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Akiko Design this week too, who have continued their sponsorship on our shorts for this season and have been a loyal supporter of the football club for many years.

“They have continued to support the football club through a variety of media outlets/sponsorship opportunities and we are extremely grateful for their support.”

David Evans, Aldershot Town Fan and Managing Director of Akiko, commented that: “Since coming on board to develop the new ATFC website in 2014, Akiko Design have been responsible for hosting and maintaining The Shots’ online presence and eCommerce store.

“Throughout this time we have attended many matches as sponsors as well as more recently sponsoring the first team’s shorts. We have gained an insight into all the work that goes on behind the scenes, both pre and post match, at the club and feel very proud to be part of such a fantastic local team.”