Shots Name Gold Cup Team

Aldershot Town have named the team to face Far Western Fc, Kailali, in the Aaha! RARA Gold Cup quarter-final this afternoon in Pokhara.

Lining up in a 4-4-2 formation, The Shots team is: James Stallon; Jordan Devanney, Ben Hutchings, Jay Welch, James Hughes; Dan Mellors, Jamel Johnson, Sam Hutchings, Josh Francis; Ashley Bayliss, Brandon Lewington.

Substitutes: Will Jawor, Harrison Shade, Adam Norton, Nawal Gurung, Raygon Gurung

Kick off is 2.30pm (8.45am UK time).

Dan Mellors gives us a personal view of his team-matches in the Aaha! RARA Gold Cup squad…

  1. James Stallon – GK, 17 years old, from Yateley: He’s already trained with the first-team, so he’s out here to impress. He’s a wonderful keeper, and that’s vitally important. He’s a down-to-earth guy, will say it how it is but without hurting anybody’s feelings. He’s also unknowingly funny!
  1. Brandon Lewington – Winger/Striker, 17, Bracknell: Mr Versatility, he can play anywhere and is probably the fastest player in the squad. He could be our most dangerous player, too, if we use him correctly. He doesn’t like taking-off (in aeroplanes), but he didn’t complain.
  1. Will Jawor – Defender, 18, Sandhurst: Mr Dependent – there’s a reason why he’s my room-mate! I’ve got my personal alarm clock and someone to look after me. He’s also the brains of the team – whenever we have a problem, we always go to Will. Looks very comfortable playing in our 3-5-2 formation and has also had a stint up front.
  1. Sam Hutchings – Central Midfield, 18, Yateley: The sibling rivalry over the captaincy has certainly been noticed! He’s the voice of the lads, brother Ben is the squad captain but as captain of the Academy, Sam is our ringmaster. He’s a sound lad and a good motivator.
  1. Harrison Shade – Centre-Back, 18, Basingstoke: The unlucky one. He had a few potential chances with the first-team, but was injured before pre-season. He’s so strong in the air and will put his head through everything, and we’ll need that here with our set-pieces.
  1. Jordan Devanney – Defender, 17, Aldershot: Possibly the best natural defender that we have, and also an excellent distributor of the ball – he can play it long or short and has wonderful control. His height is also a huge advantage – I wouldn’t be surprised if he is our top scorer in this tournament!
  1. James Hughes – Left-Wing / Left-Back, 17, Yateley: The smiley one! He’s the happiest member of the team – if I’m down I always look to James because he just makes me laugh. Looks comfortable as a wing-back, he can defend and attack.
  1. Ben Hutchings – Centre-Back, 23 Yateley: Our captain, he’s versatile and very strong in the air – most free-kicks seem to fall to him. I haven’t really known him that long and already he feels like a good mate. He sets an excellent example to the team.
  1. Ashley Bayliss – Striker, 17, Oxford: My personal ‘one to watch’ for the tournament – an under-rated player who does a lot of unnoticed hard work. Barely makes a bad touch or wrong decision, and a workhorse as well, which is always good when I’m up front with him! Always making everybody laugh, but again perhaps unwittingly.
  1. Josh Francis – Winger, 18, Aldershot: The only left-footer we have in the team, and he has a ridiculously long throw, so he’ll probably get the most assists. He’s also good on his right foot – although I’m not sure that he knows that himself – and can attack and defend with ease.
  1. Raygon Gurung – Midfield / Striker, Aldershot: We’ve only played one game with him but you can already see how he will fit into the team. He works hard and brings a physical presence as well. He’s played out here before as well, and I hope he shakes off a slight knock before Monday.
  1. Jay Welch – Centre-Back, 17, Reading: The mouth of the team! He’s throwing all the banter at everyone, and he takes it as well. Although he needs to accept that he has to lose at Black Jack occasionally! He’s one of our best players, and it’s obvious why the first-team have awarded him a contract.
  1. Nawal Gurung – Central Midfield, 29, Aldershot: The most important person in our squad – physio, interpreter, translator and the main man if you need anything doing. He’s played in the Gold Cup before so has valuable experience, and he’s a good player too.
  1. Jamel Johnson – Central-Midfield, 17, Carshalton: The best technical player that we have. His touch is unbelievable, he can find gaps that nobody else sees. Normally plays just behind the front 2, and makes the game look easy. He’s got endless energy as well. He likes to throw banter at people too.
  1. Adam Norton – Goalkeeper, 17, Cranleigh: The most abused player in our team. Very funny, and takes a lot of the stick thrown at him very very well. A very solid goalkeeper who will challenge James for a starting place.

And, last but not least, Sam Hutchings gives us his view on…

  1. Dan Mellors – Striker, 18, Hook: One of the hardest workers in the team, and off the pitch he’s one of the jokers too – and definitely the best magician! He can do every card trick going. But when you wind him up he’s the moodiest in the tea, so I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of him!”