SHOTS FOR A DAY 2022: We’re delighted to announce details for our 2022 Shots for a Day Event!

Do you want to be a Shot for a day?

Aldershot Town are offering the chance to simulate a full match-day experience at The EBB Stadium on Monday January 17th 2022 with a 4:30pm meet in the EBB Lounge.

There are 30 spots available for this exciting opportunity to play on our pitch at The EBB Stadium, with two teams being led out by First Team manager Mark Molesley or Head of Football Operations Terry Brown.

We will be running places within the two teams in a similar format to how we ran the Poppy Shirt Auction, with an online auction.

But we only show the lowest four bids that are currently within the winning bids to take part in the event so those who are interested in bidding know how much they need to ensure a spot.

With Christmas just around the corner, this experience could also be a perfect gift for a loved one as we will allow you to bid on someone else’s behalf.

Although, when confirming your place on the Shots for Day League Table, if you would like your bid to remain a secret ahead of the festive period, then please let us know what you like the bid to look like on the league table and we can arrange that for you.

We stress that those playing in the game will have to be 16 years or older due to the experience expected to be an adult fixture, where we will also get those involved to sign a disclosure form beforehand too.

You will truly have the experience of being an Aldershot Town player for the day. You’ll get a pre-match meal, watch tactics videos, play in an Aldershot shirt with your own name and number on the back!

After the game is over you’ll also be treated to a post-match food alongside your team-mates for the day.

To register your interest for the event, send an email to with the following information about you or whoever will be taking part:

Your Bid (Minimum £50) 

Full Name


Shirt Size

Your preferred position on the pitch along with another one or two positions you’d be comfortable playing within the team.

You can also enter your bid for this experience through phoning Mark Butler at 07584 597911, however we ask for your card details for us to ensure your bid is legitimate.

The deadline for this experience is 3pm on Monday 13th December so please make sure you confirm your interest as early as possible.

Good luck with the bidding and we look forward to hosting you all soon!

Click below for more details from our Commercial Manager Mark Butler too: