SHOTS-BOX: An exciting opportunity for fans to be involved with Shots TV!

We’re delighted to offer an exciting opportunity for fans to get involved with Shots TV, where we will be looking for those who are interested in being a part of it, to film themselves watching the Shots over the course of our next few games!

It is a brilliant chance for all Aldershot Town supporters to not only get involved with the TV Show programme from the comfort of your own home, but also keep your support of the team going and express this through a great way of demonstrating your passion for the Shots that the first-team will see too.

All we ask to those who are looking to enquire and confirm their interest is that you are able and comfortable filming yourself watching the Shots, but we will be able to discuss the technicalities on how this will work once you have emailed us initially.

We will be looking to discuss this with interested fans over the course of the next week or two to begin with, so if you are even slightly curious to see what the series will entail, then please contact our Media & Marketing Manager with the subject line ‘Shots-Box’ as soon as you can.

We are looking forward to discuss this and other exciting plans we have for Shots TV Live further with you all very soon.