Shots BAFTA – Who Are You Bringing?

After the exhilarating atmosphere of Wednesday night’s FA Cup replay victory against Portsmouth, Aldershot Town fans are invited to award their own BAFTAs this Saturday to attract new supporters to the Electrical Services Stadium.

The Shots face another Hampshire derby against Eastleigh, with a chance to continue their excellent recent form, and the new Bring A Friend To Aldershot scheme is the perfect opportunity for fans to share the excitement and their love of the club by inviting friends, family and work colleagues to the game.

Manager Andy Scott, who will be participating in BAFTA himself, said: “Recent results have really galvanised the Club, and there’s a great buzz around the place. People are seeing that they will be entertained on a Saturday afternoon, and the atmosphere on Wednesday night was brilliant. The stadium makes a great amphitheatre for football, and the noise that the fans generate really does spur the players on.”

Commercial Manager, Mark Butler, continued: “Shots fans are the greatest ambassadors that this Club could have, and we want you to spread the word and share the love that you feel for Aldershot Town. I remember how I was hooked after my first visit here as a fan so many years ago, and it would be great if you could bring that one person who you’ve always thought should be an Aldershot Town supporter. You know they would love the atmosphere if only you got them to come to a game – and this is your chance.”

Fans can use social media to help the cause – post your own video challenges to a friend, colleague or family member, or tag them on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #ShotsBAFTA.