Shot For A Day Winners!

Our thanks and congratulations to everybody who has won their place to be a Shot For A Day!

On Monday 8 January, two squads of 15 players, led by Gary Waddock and James Rowe and coached on the day by first-team players, will play at the EBB Stadium in a full 90-minute match alongside a handful of Shots legends!

Both squads will prepare professionally for the game, with a pre-match meal, warm-up and team-talks from their respective managers, followed by kick-off at 7pm. All participants will receive a one-off ‘Shot For A Day’ playing shirt, in either red or blue, with their name and squad number on the back.

Subject to receipt of payment, the players will be:

1 Matt Wallbridge

2 Jason Spencer

3 Mike Scott

4 Allan Mills

5 Jim Rapley

6 Duncan Cole

7 Ian Smith

8 Bill Williams

9 Andy Cranham

10 Mike Green

11 Simon Gilbert

12 Mark Kennedy

13 Tom Girdler

14 Dom Gaskill

15 Ian Barnett

16 William Young

17 Chris Curtis

18 Liam Humphrey

19 Sheldon Grimes

20 Tony Roberts

21 Andy Pusey

22 Craig Stevens

23 Reece Morgan

24 Phil Yarney

25 Matthew Wanrer

26 Jack Banner

27 Tim Graveney

28 Wayne Piper

29 Jason Berney

20 Alan Dean