Rosemary Aggett – Our Gratitude To A Club Stalwart

Graham Brookland pays a fitting tribute to friend and colleague Rosemary Aggett, whose last official day at Aldershot Town FC was yesterday. The Club wholeheartedly agrees with everything Graham says, and thank Rosemary for her tireless work and selfless support over many years.

We were delighted to welcome Rosemary to the EBB Lounge before the home game against Southport – she is pictured above with Mark Butler, Graham, and former Shots players Jack Howarth, Ian Jopling and Joe Jopling.

People make football clubs. Personalities, characters. People who care. Loyalty and dedicated people. Rosemary Aggett is at the top of the list in that category.

Today is officially Rosemary’s last day involved officially at the football club. Her last day after serving with dignity a club(s) that she cherishes after over 40 years’ service. In more recent years Rosemary has sold 50/50 tickets to help raise funds for the club on match days but her involvement, stemming back to the mid-70s, also covered some 30-plus years as an integral part of the day to day administration team in the offices.

I first got to know Rosemary in those dark days of 1992 prior to the liquidation of Aldershot FC. I was then Chairman of the Supporters Club and used to help on a voluntary basis in the club offices having just been made redundant myself.

Rosemary was one of many staff although not having being paid for months who still came to work every day, hoping that a miracle would occur and that AFC would be saved. Indeed we travelled together down to Southampton to meet the then

Administrators, a guy called Paul Barrett if my memory serves me correct. After the creation of Aldershot Town, Rosemary was given the opportunity to return to a job she loved. Her knowledge and familiarity with the supporters was infectious. You name a season ticket holder and Rosemary could tell you where they sat or if it was a terrace. You cannot buy that kind of knowledge. It was so important. It was the kind of attitude I wanted for our new club.

When I was appointed Company Secretary in 1993 I was privileged to work with Rosemary for nearly a decade on a day to day basis. We had great times. Wignall, Wigley, Borg and Brown as managers; Owens and Prentice as Chairmen. It was fun and I wouldn’t swap those times for anything. There I was too as a 26-year-old novice secretary. I needed good guidance and advice. Rosemary was able to provide it.

Rosemary is also the bravest lady I have met. During my time as Company Secretary she was diagnosed with two serious, serious illnesses. Determined and courageous, Rosemary managed to beat both them off both times. When she needed time away for treatment she organised everything. She thought more of the football club than she did herself. All the wages were covered and payment dates all sorted in advance. She left nothing outstanding despite suffering and being so poorly.

She eventually stepped down from her day to day involvement to tend to her ill husband Richard, also a great club stalwart, in 2005. Sadly Richard eventually passed away but I know how proud he would be of Rosemary’s continued loyalty to the football club which has continued for many years thereafter. Influence too. It was Rosemary who told me about Reg Driver, the former Chairman of Aldershot FC who I had a fair few running battles with in my time as a “vocal and opinionated” teenager.

She worked with Reg for 15 years or so. After these discussions I realised that there was more to Reg than maybe I was aware of and it was Rosemary who arranged for me to meet him to discuss the past. It was an enthralling evening and I realised the immense contribution Reg actually made to the football club. Len Walker too.

Rosemary worked with all these people and I started to learn other sides to a story and to appreciate how well these people did to keep AFC ticking along for as long as they did. Today is for Rosemary and she will be recognised with a fitting and deserved tribute from the football club.

Believe me, this football club would be in a far healthier position if it had more Rosemary Aggetts.