This weekend’s Vanarama National League clash at the EBB Stadium between Aldershot Town and Kidderminster Harriers will be our annual Remembrance fixture.

We’re immensely proud of the club and the town’s links to the British military and ask all our supporters and visiting supporters to show the remembrance proceedings the respect they deserve.

We also ask that supporters of both sides arrive slightly earlier than they perhaps normally would, to ensure everyone is in place for the pre-game proceedings – starting at approximately 14:45 – and for the period of silence – starting at approximately 14:54.

Poppies will be able to be bought from various collectors and points around the ground, including the EBB Stadium bars and Club Shop.

An outline of the afternoon’s proceedings can be seen below:

14:45 – Cadets line up for guard of honour. Standards and Ball Carrier to form up for march on.

14:52 – Standards lead players and officials through guard. 

14:53 – Players form up as usual and break off – Standards form up on centre-circle. 

14:54 – Referee Calls in Players to centre circle and captains lay wreaths on centre-circle. We ask supporters to be silent from this point.

14:55 – Words from Chaplain.

14:57 – Bugler plays Last Post. One minute silence timed by Bugler. Bugler plays Reveille. Further words from Chaplain. The silence will end after the Referee has blown his whistle after being signalled by a designated veteran.

14:59 – Players break away ready for the start of the match. Standards march off.

15:00 – Game commences.