National League Launches #GrowingOurGame Strategy

The National League launched a new 20-page strategy document at its Annual Congress at Celtic Manor in South Wales on Saturday, outlining a raft of aims and objectives which they hope to achieve by 2020.

In his presentation, National League CEO Michael Tattersall outlined, under the banner ‘Our Goal’, four key areas in which The National League needed to focus it aims and objectives over the next four years: Competitive, Sustainable, Progressive, Growing.

Recognising the competition faces some real challenges ahead, it is clear there are many real opportunities too which can be secured going forward, and Chairman Brian Barwick stated unequivocally that “anything is possible if we work together”.

Barwick commended the strategy to member clubs and said it will embrace not just National League clubs, but also reach out to current partners and, importantly, the fans themselves through a consultation survey.

He summed up by saying: “The National League has taken its first steps on a new journey by re-branding the competition. It is now paramount that we face the challenges and opportunities of the future armed with an ambitious and defined plan. I ask that you join with me in supporting the strategy to grow our game.”