Enjoy Mother’s Day At The Hog’s Back Hotel

Shots commercial partners The Hog’s Back Hotel have the perfect occasion if you’re still looking for that special moment to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 26 March.

A three-course carvery lunch in the Hotel’s stylish restaurant, plus a gift for mum, costs just £24 for adults and £12 for children. For full details of the menu, click here.

Over 200 years ago, in May 1813, novelist Jane Austen wrote to her sister Cassandra about her journey to London by horse-drawn curricle: “Upon the whole it was an excellent journey & very thoroughly enjoyed by me; the weather was delightful the greatest part of the day. Henry found it too warm, & talked of its being close sometimes, but to my capacity it was perfection. I never saw the country from the Hogsback so advantageously.”

To reserve your place call 01252 784889 or email