Mini Shots

Aldershot Town run Mini Shots futsal sessions for boys and girls of all abilities in school years one to three (aged 6 to 8).

Our Mini Shots sessions are a great introduction to both futsal and football for young players looking to make their first steps in either game. The futsal sessions run for one hour and take place inside to prevent young players from having to be out in the typically British weather. The players will use weighted size 2 futbol de salao balls which are designed to not only accelerate players’ technical development, but will also accelerate their physical development.

As well as the use of specialist futsal balls, the Mini Shots centres also use music as a method to enhance their development creating a fun, carnival type atmosphere where all verbal communication is drowned out encouraging players to find other means of communicating and focus on non-verbal communication. The music is also used to increase the intensity of sessions.

The sessions themselves are designed around players working with a ball each or a ball between two at times in order to increase the players opportunities for contact with the ball. The players are placed into games and practices where they have the freedom to explore the game of futsal or football whilst experimenting with new skills.

Our Mini Shots centres provide young players with a platform to develop in a fun, safe but challenging environment where players can feel free to express their ability and develop without fear of failure or reprieve. The most talented players within the groups will receive opportunities to play fixtures against other professional clubs as well as opportunities to train with our academy under 9’s squads.

Train futsal for one hour per week with highly-experienced and professional coaching staff, for just £5 per hour. All players will be invited to play on the EBB Stadium pitch at half-time of an Aldershot Town home game.

Explore and learn the game without fear of failure or reprieve, acquire and develop new skills. Enjoy opportunities to play fixtures against other professional clubs and a chance to train with the U9 academy team. You may also play end-of-season fixtures on the pitch at the EBB Stadium.