Manager Mark Molesley’s Message to Supporters ahead of the 2022/23 campaign

Manager Mark Molesley has issued the following update ahead of the 2022/23 season.

I would like to send sincere thanks to all of our departing players and wish them all the best moving forward, both on and off the pitch.

Letting players go is never easy, but it is a necessary part of our industry and necessary to rebalance our squad as we build towards a brighter future.

Special mention must go to departing Captain Lewis Kinsella as well Mo Bettamer, Alfy Whittingham and Mitch Walker, who served the club with integrity over several seasons and also to Kevin Lokko who was a key part of our leadership group.

With regards to Lewis, we made a contract offer earlier in the season but no agreement was reached. Whilst we value Lewis and his considerable contributions in an Aldershot Town shirt, we cannot compete with rival offers and therefore whilst retaining the utmost respect for Lewis, we have concluded negotiations and truly wish him all the best in his next step.

Mo Bettamer and Alfy Whittingham have both had highs and lows this season but I must thank them for their contributions and commend them both on their professionalism throughout the season. Wherever they go next, they will be an asset and I wish them well.

Mitch Walker is one of the truest professionals with which you can work and I have nothing but respect for what he gave to our environment on a daily basis. It was not the season Mitch had hoped for and we shared many conversations throughout the year, but the way he continued to go about his trade and support the group was something I must praise. We will continue to support Mitch through his recovery and he will always be a friend of the club.

Kevin Lokko gave a lot to the dressing room throughout the year, despite not playing the minutes we had all hoped. Kev and I shared many open, honest and cooperative conversations towards the back end of the season and the shared decision of his departure is motivated by the right reasons which myself and the club fully respect and support.

To the young players and short terms signings who depart  thank you for embracing our club, thank you for your enthusiasm and best of luck in whatever comes next.

We remain in conversations with JBA with whom we will revisit conversations after his international duty, similarly with Toby Edser where communication is still open. Talks also continue with Mo Sylla and Jordan Ngalo will return in pre-season.

I have felt the power of our fans as both a player and manager and I appreciate greatly what you give to our club. It is my respect and appreciation towards you that motivates this open and honest update on our decisions so far and how we will move forward.

Our plans to rejuvenate the squad are progressing well but we will only announce incomings players once their existing contracts have expired.

We are a club that must be prudent and sustainable in its financial approach, as this town has already felt the damage of a club which overstretches itself financially.

The Chairman and the board have worked tirelessly off the pitch this year to help me improve our environment. We have invested significantly in the new training and gym facilities, food provision, analysis and GPS software and most significantly in increasing our full time coaching provision . Alongside these changes we have also been supported in increasing the number of overnight stops we use in the build up to games as well as increasing access to excellent recovery facilities when the schedule is at its busiest.

With the level the National League is now at, these are not always visible changes to the fans but they are vitally important and imperative to our future success and for that reason I wanted to share them with you, whilst publicly thanking our Chairman and the board for bringing them into reality .

Each change will help to improve on field performances but also enhances our environment and is already assisting us to attract new players.

Our plans and decisions have been designed to allow for more even investment across a balanced squad which can compete in all phases of the game across a difficult National League campaign.

After several challenging years and an ever improving division, I wanted to bring significant change to the squad. Whether those who departed during the season or post season departures, my decisions have been geared towards rejuvenating the team and bringing a fresh mentality to the club. Sometimes players need new challenges and clubs need a spark of new life, that is certainly true for us.

The 2021/22 season became about getting the job done, our approach was not our vision of our Aldershot Town team. We fought together this year and the prize was to retain our National League status, invest in the professionalisation of our environment, access the summer window and the opportunity to tailor our squad accordingly.

Incoming players have been assessed and analysed meticulously and we have been working on this window more or less since we arrived at the club.

We must have an identity, one which will unite us all, one which will provide us the highs, but also guide us in the more challenging times. We want to give you a team that you connect with and can be proud of and we must be better at home.

As we announce our new arrivals nearer the new season I will share these plans with you in greater detail and also outline some of our plans to grow the connection between our new team and you the amazing fans.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support.