Hotshots Update

The club can confirm that the Hotshots Cheerleaders will regrettably no longer be performing at the ESS Stadium.

The Hotshots Cheerleaders who performed for the club during the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 seasons have struggled this season to maintain their numbers and have therefore been unable to perform at any of our home games to date.

Part of the reason for there difficulty in recruiting is due to the fact that being one of the Hotshots has always been a voluntary role with the girls having to provide at no small cost their own dance costumes, training kit etc… and have had to rely on utilising one our hospitality lounges for practicing when it was available which is not ideal when the girls have required regular training each week.

The girls have been offered an opportunity with Surrey United BBL which alongside a generous sponsorship deal enables them to cover the costs of all their costumes and training kit, professional dance facilities and other benefits which has made it much easier to recruit a full squad and ensures that they can now perform on a regular basis.

Everyone at the club is very grateful for the commitment and entertainment that they offered during their time with the club and we wish them the very best for the future and are delighted for them that this opportunity has come along to enable them to fulfil their commitment to regular performing.

We appreciate that many Shots fans will be disappointed that the Hotshots will not be performing for us but we hope that they will understand that whilst we were fully supportive of the Hotshots we are not in a position to offer them the funding and facilities that would have been needed to keep them at the club

We hope you will all join us in wishing them success and enjoyment as the Cheerleaders for Surrey United BBL