Happy 50th Anniversary to Club Sponsors Natta Building Company LTD!

We’d like to wish a happy 50th Anniversary to Major Club Sponsors Natta Building Company LTD!

A massive congratulations to their hard-working & resilient workforce, clients, partners & supply chain for helping them in their success! For more details on their highlights from the last 50 years, click HERE.

Commercial Manager Mark Butler said:

“We would like to wish Major Club Sponsors Natta a great 50th Anniversary and hope their business continues to thrive.

“Since agreeing a deal with Natta,we’ve enjoyed a great friendship.

“We’re delighted they are continuing next year and we hope the partnership lasts even longer.”

More on what Natta can offer you is available below:

“Since its inception in 1972, Natta has grown steadily year on year. As a specialist contractor, Natta is renowned for its innovation and expertise in a variety of sectors.

“The company’s philosophy is to have an open policy with clients to achieve the most cost-effective solution for any given project.

“This produces a close working relationship to develop efficient designs with early contractor involvement, resulting in a high number of satisfied clients and repeat work.”

Check out what they offer on their website HERE