GIRLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE: The Club are delighted to confirm details for our Girls Development Centres!

We are proud to announce that our development centre is NOW OPEN 6-7 pm Mondays at Weydon School on the amazing 3G AstroTurf facility!

What is our aim? 

In short, our aim is to get girls of all abilities excited about the wonderful game of football and improve their skills with FA qualified FEMALE coaches so they can have their best football future.

We at Aldershot feel by having female coaches it further supports our philosophy that ‘Girls CAN play and girls CAN coach. Find your future. Be the future.’

For more information email:

You can also follow the recently started Instagram account: @theshotsgirls along with more information available HERE.

Please note: At Aldershot we realise the importance of grassroots football and we do not want to draw attention away from grassroots teams but we want to enhance the girls’ play by perfecting the skill and ability they have on the pitch with extra training sessions and matches on Monday nights.