Foundation Partner With Driver Distraction Awareness

The Shots Foundation teamed up with Classic Race Simulators down in the John McGinty Lounge last week in order to raise awareness to distracted driving.

Jim Hill and his team brought down six of his simulators to the ground and players from the first team and academy got to test them out.

The task involved doing a lap of Crystal Palace race circuit in a 1996 Formula One Ferrari car in the simulator, they had a 15-minute period to practice and get the fastest lap possible.

Then they would try and complete a lap whilst sending a text message and then a lap around the course with ‘beer goggles’ on.

The results that we found were astounding with lap times slowing on average of 20% when sending a text message and 35% when driving with the goggles on that simulated sleep deprivation.

I was pleased to have the players down who all took the task seriously and would like to thank Gary for sending the lads down and also Ross in the academy for sending some of his players down and I hope this was an educational experience for everybody involved.

We would also like to thank Jim at Classic Race Simulators for his time and providing his expertise in the area and for anybody who would like to have a go on one of their simulators; they are local, based in Farnborough and you can visit their website for more information.