EBB Stadium Redevelopment: FAQs

Aldershot Town this afternoon announced plans, which have been presented to Rushmoor Borough Council, for the redevelopment of the EBB Stadium. This would see the potential development of a new stadium, containing both seating and standing areas, that will give the Club a long-term home from which to build its ambitions on the pitch.

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We anticipate a wide range of questions on the issue, and hope to address some of them here:

When is this going to happen? We’re still at first-concept stage and plans are being developed. However, we envisage that this will happen within the next five years.

Will the fans have any input? We will be undertaking a full programme of consultation with supporters during the close-season.

When this work takes place, will ATFC have to move? Our intention is not to move.

Will ticket prices have to go up to pay for this? Our intention is that there is no price increase to pay for this work.

So who is going to pay for all of this? This is part of a comprehensive redevelopment scheme, being supported by a number of partners.

What’s it going to do for me as a supporter? The whole environment will improve, with better services, bars, toilets and access. We will bring the stadium into the 21st century.

Will this lead to somebody else taking control of our Club? There is no material change of control envisaged as part of this plan.