Eastleigh Manager Experience

We’d like to thank John Hannah who stepped into the dugout for his ‘Manager for the Day’ experience where he got to shadow Gary Waddock and his staff for last Saturday’s game against Eastleigh.

John was given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by his father, also called John, when he successfully bid for it at our annual Sportsman’s Dinner at the Village Hotel back in November.

On recollecting the day John had this to say: “Thank you for the experience and the time I got to spend with Gary, the staff and the players at Saturday’s game.

“I had a brilliant day, everyone was really welcoming and it was a great insight into the preparation and hard work that everyone puts into matches.

“Having the opportunity to sit on the bench was something that I’ll be talking about for a while, it was a unique chance to watch the footballing minds at work.

“I’d like to pass on my thanks to Gary for letting me into his world for a day, to Ian Gair for taking me under his wing, he does a magnificent and you can see how much it means to all the players the work he puts in, and to the players and staff for making it a day I won’t forget!”

We hope you had a great day John, and this prize could yet again be up for grabs at the 2019 Sportsman’s Dinner.