e-Shots: Aldershot Town launch official ESports Team

Aldershot Town link up with Overworld Studios to launch our inaugural e-Shots ESports team!

We are thrilled to announce Aldershot Town Football club’s affiliation with local esports company “Overworld Studios” situated in the heart of Camberley.

We are ready to build our Brand and Growth strategy through Gaming and ESports.

The ‘E-Shots’ are hoping to kick-off an exciting new area of entertainment for our supporters at National League level, which will see us look to kick-start new eSports competitions within both our own supporters groups and hopefully an National e-League similar to the e-Premier League as found HERE.

Aldershot Town sees this as a step towards building stories outside the medium widening the appeal of the Aldershot Town FC brand Globally.

More details on the National e-League will hopefully be released further down the line but we are delighted to announce our own Aldershot Town e-Shots Invitational Tournament, where fans can sign up  to enter our competition in partnership with Overworld Studios!

The Trials will kick off on Friday 16th April at 7pm GMT in a 4-Week Round Robin knockout style tournament so stay tuned on both our new Twitter account and Overworld’s pages for the latest updates!

We understand that ESports is becoming all the more exciting week-by-week and we hope to engage with our fans by opening up the official competition to win the chance to become Aldershot Town’s Fifa Representative by winning an in-house competition that we will announce further details on later this week.

Be sure to follow Aldershot Town’s ESports account on Twitter @ShotsEsports, Instagram @eshotsesports and Facebook Page – Shots Esports as well as our partners @OverworldStudios right now for the latest updates soon!

Our ESports team will also allow opportunity for sponsorship and if anyone would like to help and get involved, then please email Commercial Manager Mark Butler at or call 07799 388702.

We hope fans of Aldershot Town and FIFA 21 enjoy the journey and tune in to watch the action!

Look forward to finding out who our Aldershot Town ESports representative will be!