Danny Searle Pre-Match: Yeovil Town (H)

After a week’s break, Aldershot Town return to Vanarama National League action with a home fixture against Yeovil Town on Tuesday evening.

Hear what the gaffer Danny Searle had to say in full:


Q: Danny, a bit of a break since our last game but now we have the first of four home games against Yeovil tomorrow.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, it’s catch-22 where we wanted the lads to get a breather because we had quite a congested fixture schedule, but you also want to play games as well so it’s been nice in some ways and frustrating in others. But as you said, back to the league and back here at the EBB so we look forward to welcoming Yeovil.”

Q: With the week off with games not going ahead, what’s being going on during the week?

“Training as normal, we’ve managed to give some of the lads some time to recover to get some rest in. We had two behind closed doors games as well to look at some new players and also to give minutes to those coming back from injury and those that needed to be topped up.”

Q: And speaking to you personally, mental health awareness week is this week and of course is a big thing that you’re quite proud of and an important thing to be spoken on, what are your thoughts on the week as a whole?

“It’s great that we have a week that’s focused just on that, I think we need to get to a stage where that’s the focus all of the time and always at the forefront of people’s minds, working with colleagues, friends, family. We fully support the week and hopefully it can just keep pushing that awareness around that needs to be in everyone’s minds.”

Q: Looking at Yeovil, they’re similar to us in respect to having a good run of form then a low poor run of form, it’ll be an interesting game tomorrow.

“There’s a much bigger picture with Yeovil they’ve had a lot going on which is far greater than football, it’s just good to see them back playing, form is going to be irrelevant tomorrow as it’s just going to be about hunger and we need to make sure that we’re up for it because they’re going to want to put some points on the board.”

Q: It was a difficult result for us at their place and that was at a time where we were the team looking up in form and they were the team looking to bounce back and get results so it’ll be an interesting encounter tomorrow.

“I don’t think that has any relevance to it, it was such a long time ago that so much has happened between now and then and we’re just focussed on them coming tomorrow and not worried about what’s happened before because there’s nothing we can do about that.”

Q: We talk about it every week, we say that every team can beat anyone but it shows as they lost 3-0 to Wrexham and then Wrexham came here a few weeks ago and we beat them 3-0 so it really is a tough league.

“I think, stating the obvious, the top six or seven have shown a real level of consistency which is why they are where they are. Even when they have dropped points every now and again, they have backed it up three or four wins or at least put points on the board. Teams like ourselves, we are where we are because we’ve just struggled to put that little bit of consistency together.

“All be it, some of our performances have been very consistent, it’s just the constant putting points on the board, look, it’s another game and we’ve got a chance to put another three points on the board.”

Q: As you mentioned, with what’s happened with their captain, it’s great to see them back and we wish them all the best.

“Ironically we’re playing them during mental health awareness week, there are bigger things going on than what happens out on the pitch tomorrow night, that doesn’t mean we’re not taking it seriously, it just does make you think a little bit more about the perspective on this season.”

Q: Just an update on us, any injury’s or anything to report?

“No, everything’s as it was and within reason we’ve got everyone available for tomorrow.”


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