Danny Searle Pre-Match: Solihull Moors (H)

Aldershot Town continue their season in the 2021/22 Vanarama National League campaign against Solihull Moors this Saturday with a 3pm kick-off.

Hear what First-Team Manager Danny Searle had to say in full:


Q: Danny, Solihull on Saturday, what are your thoughts ahead of the game?

“Obviously we’ve had what I would say probably three and a half performances that justify more than what we’ve got. The message has been this week those have to be turned into points.

“That’s simple as it stands and to turn the positives, especially against Notts County and actually puts some points on the board, because once we do that, everything settles down.

“But the confidence is there within the group because there’s a belief that we are better than what our points total shows us, but until you actually stick them on the board, you’re always going to have an element of doubt (and with a victory), it just gives everyone a bit of breathing space that we are making progress, we are doing things in the right way.

“It’s just those small margin and details so that’s got to be put right tomorrow against Solihull.”

Q: You mentioned on Saturday about sticking with you and the team and the younger players in place because they will learn, they will develop within these games

“It’s not about me. It’s about the boys as we’ve got a young squad who I can only say I don’t think anyone can work any harder than they are.

“They’re really trying to understand what we’re trying to to do and as I said, although the points total doesn’t say it, when you watch the games back, you do the analysis on it and there’s subtle improvements in every area.

“Hence the fact we’ve started to score goals now, we’re creative, we created just as many chances as Notts County did and although they had a lot more of the ball on Saturday, I’d say we created the better chances against Notts County, which goes to show that everything we’re doing is coming into fruition.

“Now they need to put points at the end of it and the boys know that and I think Kins and Kev have had a good chat with the lads and potential is great, but at some point it has to be achieved and I think that’s what the message is going throughout the lads.

“The supporters need to stick with the players, get behind the players. Give them that encouragement so that you know what when they do win a tackle, when they do press and win the ball back, we do create an opportunity or not, get behind the players so they can really feel what it’s like to have an atmosphere at the EBB.”

Q: It did feel that way when Corie scored against Yeovil and he’s got three goals now so for you bringing him in, it must be good to have him getting amongst the goals

“I think that’s why I want the supporters to reiterate that atmosphere because even when I said it the other day, talking to the younger players who have been involved in the games, they said it makes you want to run faster when you hear them. You hear the fans get behind you and behind the players, our supporters are outstanding.

“The group that travelled up to Notts County, the noise they made compared to 5,750 other fans in the ground was unbelieveable. So from our perspective, if we can make it a collective and I’ve always said it all along about the ‘we’ mentality, this group will be fine.”

Q: Because of course, you mentioned the young players there, players like Elis (Watts), Alfie (Saunders), Tommy Willard, all young players who have been involved and have a part to play, it must be a positive for you to see them continue to develop

“We back our young players, we have to back our young players because I would rather give a young Aldershot home-grown player the opportunity to go and prove himself and earn a career.

“Go and get a loan player from somewhere that’s going to be a squad player, I don’t see the point.

“I’d rather bring in a loan player that when they come in, they go straight into the team in my opinion because we’ve got good young players and that’s the conversation I have with agents. Is he going to come and start every week? If it’s going to be a squad player, then actually I back our boys for that and I know that one their potential is high, but two, I think they’ve already shown that they are capable of performing at this level.”

Q: Looking at the players who are continuing to come back from injury, you’ve got George (Fowler), Mo (Bettamer), Wass (Aouachria) also played half an hour, how are they getting on?

“We’re getting there in regards to the players we have signed on.

“We’ve only got a small squad to a certain degree but within reason, we nearly have a full quota to pick from, so that’s what the aim is and then we’ll see where we are in two or three weeks’ time and see whether it’s time to look at adding to that.

“But as it stands, at this moment, I see enough in the player we’ve got to do well and win games.”

Q: Looking at Solihull, a well-respected team at this level, played them many times before and proved a massive test for us last season in the league, as we beat them in the (FA) Trophy, what are you expecting from them?

“I think the home game, I thought they were very good, but away from home, we should’ve got something out of the game, it was a poor performance from us with a really really poor goal to concede.

“Obviously, we were very good against them first-half in the cup but not a great second-half, but look they’re another team that I’m pretty sure their owners will want them to be in and around it come the end of the season and it’s unusual that the way the fixtures have fallen, they’re the only teams we seem to be playing at the minute!

“But, it’s a great challenge for the lads and look Neal Ardley is a very good manager and I’ve got a lot of respect and time for him and I know they’re going to be a difficult opposition.

“However, I genuinely believe if we can build on what we did on Saturday, we can win football matches.”

Q: Like you mentioned, Neal Ardley going in there and was at Notts County previously so we know him and his team will be a tough test too

“He’s an experienced guy and he’s brought in some good players and obviously he’s got a style of football that compliments that and from our perspective, it’s a great test.

“One of the things we’ve said to the lads is especially in these first 9 or 10 games is we’ve got some really tough opposition and we’re trying to shift the mindset from looking at it as tough opposition but more what an exciting challenge and let’s upset a few people.

“Let’s blow a few people’s accumulators and in most of those games, we are going to be the underdogs, but what we’ve proven in the past is when you put us in that position, we can come out fighting and the bottom line for our lads is that fight has got to result in some points.”

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