COMMERCIAL: Football Data Analysis company Fitogether are in partnership with us for this season!

Aldershot Town are pleased to announce a partnership agreement with football data analysis company Fitogether for the 2020/21 season.

They will be working predominantly with the first-team for their football data analysis and have been influential in their early 2020/21 National League season preparations in the build-up to fixtures, in training and informative analysis post-match as well.

Fitogether specialises in football data analysis, and is a FIFA-Approved EPTS (Electronic Performance Tracking System) company based in South Korea. They develop and provide wearable EPTS solution for elite football leagues, teams and players. Their products ‘OhCoach’​ are IMS certified by FIFA. Also, ‘OhCoach’ has rated highest for accuracy and consistency in 2020 FIFA Quality Programme for wearable EPTS.

Click HERE to see what else they have to offer on their website!

Taeryung Kim, Director at Fitogether also spoke on our partnership with them and said:

“Aldershot Town FC and Fitogether have signed a partnership agreement for the current season. By doing this, the club will be able to better analyze performance data of its first-team squad and develop metrics to be traced during training sessions and official matches.

“Fitogether is a technology company based in South Korea, that specializes in football data analysis. They develop and provide a portable EPTS (Electronic Performance Tracking System) solution for elite football leagues, teams, and players.

“They are the official EPTS company of the Korean professional football league (K-league), and more than 100 clubs around the world are using Fitogether products.

“Fitogether is a FIFA certified company and got the highest ratings in last EPTS FIFA Quality Programme.  

“With the Fitogether’s EPTS, it allows managers and coaches to evaluate the players’ movement scientifically, letting the staff have an objective set of eyes in both matches and training sessions.”

Commercial Manager Mark Butler also said: “We are delighted to have Fitogether working with us in the first-team department with their partnership in their data analysis, which is a big part of the first-team staff’s weekly routines.

“Having seen how impressive the analysis work is with the equipment Fitogether provide, we are starting to see their significance in the player’s performances on the pitch as well.”