CLUB STATEMENT: Update on the Fans’ Wall

The following is a statement from Commercial Manager Mark Butler on the Fans’ Wall.

“The football club has deliberated for some time on what to do with the fans’ wall as time has taken it’s course and faces have begun to fade, leaving it looking dated and untidy.”

“The decision hasn’t been taken lightly but an opportunity has now arisen to utilise the space for commercial purposes that will benefit the club.”

“Unfortunately, the only pictures now remaining clearly on the wall are those that have been put on for free. Those that were paid for, have now faded over time and are no longer visible.”

“We take very seriously, the importance of immortalising supporters names at the EBB Stadium and are currently looking into erecting a board behind the memorial garden in order to do so.”

“The wall now no longer commemorates our loyal supporters, some of whom we have sadly lost since, and all options are being explored into how the new board can appropriately celebrate their support of the club.”

“Any future redevelopment work will take the memorial garden and future board into consideration with alternative options explored if necessary.”

Any feedback on the proposed changes is welcome. Please email with any views you wish to share.