The following is a club statement from Aldershot Town FC Chairman Shahid Azeem:

“This morning we should be savouring our hard-fought victory at Boreham Wood and everyone associated with Aldershot Town FC should feel very proud of last night.

Regrettably, we are having to hang our head in shame today thanks to a minority in the away end that embarrassed our club with their mindless, destructive behaviour.

I was also informed by Boreham Wood Stewards that a number of Aldershot supporters were goading, being abusive and making remarks to Boreham Wood goalkeeper Nathan Ashmore. On behalf of the Football Club, I would like to apologise to Nathan.

After the game I was shown around the away end by their Safety Officer and their Stewards and saw myself all along the back of goal where all the perimeters boards have been broken and smashed, including the safety gate which was pulled off its hinges.

Although Boreham Wood are our competitors in the league, this behaviour is unacceptable and I can assure everyone that both clubs – including safety officers – are working closely together to identify those responsible and to assist in ensuring that they are punished in full for their deplorable behaviour.

Boreham Wood host Arsenal Women as well as the Arsenal Development Squad and with a game this evening, have had to call our emergency tradesman to rectify the damage with the full cost borne by Aldershot Town FC.

It is a shame to have to bear unnecessary costs such as these which will ultimately take funds away from the first-team budget.

I wish to apologise to everyone that was subjected to this appalling behaviour, and to our hosts Boreham Wood who were rightfully upset with the way some of those in our away end acted last night.

We’d like to thank the majority of our supporters for their fantastic following last night which helped spur the team on to pick up the first points of the season and whom are a credit to the Football Club with their committed and well-behaved support.

Therefore, if you can do anything to help us identify those involved so that we can distance them from our club, please do so.”

Anyone with any information, please contact