The club is saddened to be having to respond to a number of incidents involving unacceptable behaviour from some areas of our support at our Boxing Day game against Woking FC.

There were a number of incidents involving the use of pyrotechnics and multiple other objects being let off and aimed at visiting supporters. Following the game, there was a further very serious incident involving a brick being thrown randomly into visiting supporters resulting in someone having to attend A&E. We are also aware that during the game a water bottle was thrown at the visiting goalkeeper.

Over the last two days, intensive internal investigations have been taking place to review the actions of those individuals involved. Extensive CCTV footage is being utilised in order to identify those responsible. Whilst it would be inappropriate to prejudice any potential police investigation by discussing the details of evidence obtained, we can confirm that extensive material is available and will be passed to the police. The Safety Officers of both clubs have been in contact and are helping with investigations. There are some additional incidents reported from the day being investigated but at this time we will not specify those while investigations continue.

We would however ask that if anyone has any information regarding the identities of any of those involved or has any information that could be useful to either the club or to the police in this matter then we would ask that you contact our Club Safety Officer Kevin Frowen at or Club Secretary Matt Wigman at Reports can also be anonymously made to the police.

We were delighted to welcome a bumper crowd of 4621 on Boxing day and would like to thank the majority for their exemplary behaviour and continued support of the team. However, the club cannot stress in any stronger terms their absolute disgust and dismay at this behaviour from a small number of so called supporters. Such behaviour will not be allowed, and we wish to put on record that any supporter involved in the throwing of any object or violent conduct of any kind is not welcome at our club and if successfully identified, will be banned and if appropriate prosecuted.

The chairman and directors would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any fans whether home or visiting who innocently got caught up in the incidents and wish to extend best wishes for a speedy recovery to the supporter injured.

As a footnote The club would like to confirm that contrary to some speculation on social media the stewarding levels were actually above the required amount for the attendance number in the stadium and as is normal practice for all games, the stewarding plan for this game was pre-approved by Hampshire Police. We can also confirm that as expected for what is considered a high profile game, there were also a number of police officers from both Hampshire Police and Surrey Police in attendance for the duration of the game. The number of officers that each force provides for football matches is of course a matter for the relevant police authorities and was therefore determined by both Surrey and Hampshire Police.