CLUB STATEMENT: An update on our Streaming Service

Following our last club statement regarding the streaming services from this morning regarding our Shots TV Live programme, we can inform fans on the latest developments moving forwards.

To start off, we have looked into what the issue was regarding last night’s streaming programme and we are also comfortable sharing this information with you, as we feel it’s important our supporters understand our situation regarding this as well.

Having taken on-board suggestions for replays and other in-game graphics during the game yesterday, (which we agree makes the experience for fans a more enjoyable one and hope to continue this moving forwards), but as a result of this in terms of yesterday’s game, it caused issues with the equipment running the software and unfortunately caused the system we have in place to struggle and resulted in the disappointing match footage displayed yesterday.

However, we have looked to work on this today and we have already come up with a solution for our upcoming home fixtures.

In response to this, we have already begun the process of bringing in stronger, more powerful equipment that will be able to withstand the requirements/features we want to provide to fans with the replays and other in-game graphics moving forwards.

We will be testing and running this new equipment during this break we have until our next home game, with the plan to first and foremost, make sure the match footage of the game is running smoothly, then we will look to add these additional graphics such as replays once we are confident the actual streaming of the match is working correctly.

We hope this clarifies the situation that we currently find ourselves in to those who are looking for answers to last night’s streaming issues but we hope the plans we have explained above helped to justify what we intend to do to amend this.

As a result of yesterday’s Shots TV Live Programme we will also be accepting refund requests as a way of us apologises for the live broadcast. Please email us at and we will begin processing refunds with the payment provider.

Finally, in the hope we can offer fans more transparency in this difficult moment in time and as we see Shots TV Live as our way of engaging with the fans as best as we can given these strange times, we would also like to share the number of viewers for each game so far this season:

Sutton United – 575
Woking FC – 867
Torquay United – 820
Notts County – 1264
Maidenhead United – 465

Along with the number of 3-month passes (190) and the number of Season-Ticket Holders who have converted their allocation games to Streaming Passes (76) which should be added to the numbers above to show the full number of people who have tuned in to watch the last five home games.

We also feel that fans should know that the cost of putting these games with our full Shots TV Live coverage sees us earn approximately 50% of the price we pay to run the coverage, with the need to take into consideration: VAT, Transmission for the Platform, Payment gateways to enable fans to watch the stream, as well as the cost of the TV crew to provide the full match coverage for the Shots TV Live programme.

Whilst we appreciate these are tough times for everyone involved, but as we look to improve our Shots TV Live coverage with the improvements we’ve mentioned in both this statement and the last one from this morning, we are looking to further our engagement with the fans by offering an additional one-hour Thursday night show free of charge to fans, which will show a bit more light-hearted features and be more of a ‘weekly round-up’ show.

This is in the hope we can see these numbers improve as we, as a club and you as our brilliant supporters, come together to see us have what we consider to be a successful season.

These are numbers that given the current situation in the world, we are proud of and appreciate our fans’ support so far with this and whilst we assure you that we are working around the clock to give you the full match coverage that you deserve, we hope us giving you these numbers, show we are trying to work with our fans as much as we can to both improve the level of our Shots TV Live coverage and our communications with you all as well.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support.