The final game of our 8-game streaming package comes to an end with the transmission of the Weymouth FC game on Tuesday 26 January.

The club has invested heavily in time, money, technology and equipment to present a first class product on screen. Our current offering includes: Pre-match coverage, expert commentary, replays in real time and slow motion, half time and post-match analysis from guests in our studio.

The new package will include all of this, plus a digital programme in partnership with MatchDayInfo, to complete the true match day experience.

To subscribe to our new remaining 14 League game package and to be informed about individual games please read on.

This new package has a price of £11.99 per match but for a one off payment of £150, we can present all 14 remaining league games this season, saving approximately £18.

This will be made available shortly after our game against Weymouth next Tuesday, so make sure you purchase your package before our next National League home fixture, which is currently the rearranged game against Barnet FC on the 2nd February.

Were we able to restart football with spectators present we would be delighted to refund on a pro rata basis money for those games we are unable to stream.

For season tickets holders an option will exist to trade in the remainder of their season ticket for this complete package of games.

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support. Our aim is to deliver a first class value for money product at a time when our finances have suffered from the threat of the loss of the grant which supported the club through to the New Year.