CLUB STATEMENT: Aldershot Town post-Covid-19

What next at Aldershot Town Football Club?

It has been nearly 4 months since a football was kicked in anger at our football club. We hope you have all managed to stay safe and well during this horrendous pandemic. Although we are far from the disappearance and the after effects of this virus we will be doing our best to return to the football field before too long. No date has been fixed but a start time around late September is what most pundits are saying. Of course, unlike the Premier League who rely so heavily on TV money, we need spectators, hospitality, bars sponsorships etc to generate income to make our business viable.

The key question concerns what rules and regulations will be imposed by the relevant authorities to ensure sufficient social spacing is in place. We have to comply whether spectators stand or sit, want to eat or drink, if they require a natural break, if away supporters require segregation, if people try to access different parts of the stadium, etc. We do not know whether a one, one plus or two metre rule will be applied, whether seats have to be taken out of use and if so how many, or whether there will be just a “percentage of capacity” figure. All this is being worked through by government agencies, health and safeguarding bodies, and footballing authorities.

In anticipating where this might impact us we have looked at 12 different proposals against all the
possible options. The most punitive of these will limit our capacity to well below last season’s
average attendance. However thanks to the plentiful capacity of our ground most of the scenarios
allow us to accommodate at least a forecasted average attendance, although the Woking game
would be a challenge.

For those with season tickets rest assured that even the lowest forecasted capacity will still allow
entry. We will be in contact with you all to ascertain which of you will be coming in “bubbles” ie
groups of two or more from the same household/family.

Matches could well be ticket only as we may have to take name and contact details as part of the
“track and trace” process. Under this circumstance we might be able to sell tickets on match days
but we would strongly advise on line purchases in advance to avoid disappointment.

The finances of professional sport have been badly hit these last few months. Overall season 19/20
saw a focus on cost cutting at our club to a level not seen at the club for many years. In recent times
we have been fortunate in that we have been able to continue with all but two of our employees
‘furloughed’. Despite a lack of numbers the club continues to play host to our regular volunteers
who work hard on stands, the pitch and all the surrounds. This lockdown has also given an
opportunities to address every aspect of outgoings during day to day operation of the club and
identified items that are not required, which in normal day to day operation is virtually impossible to

We are “fit for purpose” and just itching to get underway again. So whether it is September or a slippage into October we look forward to seeing you there for the 20/21 kick off.