The following is a statement from the club’s chairman Shahid Azeem along with the confirmed prices and details for the 2020/2021 season tickets.


In these unprecedented times not just for our nation but the world our first priority is to offer our sincere best wishes to you, your families and friends. Good health for all is paramount over everything else at the moment. Stay Safe, protect our NHS, Save lives.

Football is a secondary concern at the moment but It is our responsibility as a club to attempt to plan for the future in preparation for that eagerly awaited day when football returns to the EBB Stadium and normality starts to return.

Nobody knows when a competitive football match will return to our stadium. We have had no choice but to furlough almost everybody on our payroll leaving a skeleton staff to address those items that are essential to our ongoing existence.  We are grateful to everybody associated with the club who has been involved in this difficult process in the most uncertain of times.

The rules and regulations surrounding what we can and cannot do changes almost day by day so planning ahead is enormously difficult.  However we know two things are certain:

1)           Many of our costs are inescapable and  bills will still come in and require payment.

2)            That football will eventually return to the EBB Stadium.

What is also certain is that most, if not all, of our income has dried up.

The Board and remaining staff plus volunteers are doing their utmost in time, money and effort to “keep the show on the road” but you, our supporters can provide enormous help.

At this time of year we start selling Season Tickets for the upcoming season.

“So when is that?” you might ask. Frankly we hope it is on August 8th but could it be delayed? Of course it could.

“So who is going to buy a Season Ticket when the season may start late and even be limited to less than 23 home games?”

Good point, so here is the deal:

Our proposal is to sell a 20/21 Season Ticket and guarantee it is valid for the next 23 home League games starting with the first game of next season. So were the 20/21 campaign to be less than 23 League games it will still be valid into the 21/22 season.

Oh, and we will add more to the deal. The purchase of a Season Ticket will entitle equivalent entry (seat or terrace) to the first home FA Cup and FA Trophy game. That could be two games, draw and success permitting. A pessimist will see no games here, an optimist will hope our first home FA Cup encounter is Man U in the third round.

Season Tickets will increase in price to the level we had two seasons ago.  Last year early sales were geared to having National League South status when we were scheduled to play two games less.

We have also increased the adult and concession “on the day” price by £1.  Please note, however, that the match increase will not apply if tickets are bought in advance via our Online Ticket portal.

The grid below shows the prices in detail.

Adult Seat Conc Seat Adult Terr Conc Terr Junior Seat Junior Terr
Match Day Price £21 £17 £19 £15 £7 £5
Amount of League Games 23 23 23 23 23 23
Total Price £483 £391 £437 £345 £161 £115
SEASON TICKET PRICES £382 £309 £345 £273 £119 £85

Plus our first home games in the FA Cup & FA Trophy!

The prices for hospitality are as follows:

Season Ticket Prices
EBB £58 per game -£1334
ELM £43 per game – £989
Directors Box £27.50 per game -£632.50

Plus our first home games in the FA Cup & FA Trophy!

It is vital that we sell as many Season Tickets as possible. We are conscious that money will be tight for all during and post COVID-19. Therefore we are offering a three stage payment plan with one due in April, one in May and the final equal amount by 30th June. For more information please visit HERE.

We are also offering a 10% cumulative referral scheme. For every Season Ticket introduction for a supporter who has not held a Season Ticket from the 2017/18 campaign (or before), the supporter who refers will receive 10% off the Season Ticket.  Introducing two new fans will result in a 20% reduction. Find 10 new people and by the end date of 30th June your season ticket could be free! This deduction would apply over all ticket categories (excluding Juniors) including hospitality and the director’s box. To find out more please visit HERE.

On the optimistic side a great response may even allow Danny to be in a stronger position when recruiting players for 20/21. Even in this extremely difficult time we are entitled to dream!

Your support continues to be invaluable to the football club.

We hope, above hope, that everybody will be able to pull together to help our wonderful club in whichever way you can.

Football is not priority at the moment. Each individual household faces its own challenges. However we all look forward to that day when our players run out again to the tune of “Alive and  Kicking” at our EBB Stadium. It will be a special occasion. A special day.

Stay Safe.

Shahid Azeem


Up The Shots!


Season Tickets can be purchased via the following methods.

  • Via our Online Shop HERE (please note these will incur a 3% transaction fee)
  • Via BACS payment (Information can be found on the below forms)
  • Via Cheque (Information can be found on the below forms)
  • Over the phone (01252 320211)

All of these will require the form attached which can be found Here in Word Format and Here in PDF. These will need to be returned via email to or via or an online form which can be found HERE.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 guidelines the clubs ticket is closed so purchases cannot be made in person at this time. Apologises for any inconvenience.

Season Ticket Seats will be reserved up until 8th May 2020.

If you needed any reminding as to why you should get a season ticket, watch the video below: