Clarification of Current Regulations: The EBB Stadium

Clarification of current regulations

The club would like to re confirm (as included in our ticketing terms & conditions) that ALL supporters must wear masks for the duration of their time within all areas of the stadium whether in seated areas or terraces.

We have been contacted by a small number of supporters who have expressed concern that medical reasons exclude them from being able to wear a close fitting mask. In line with National League guidance we are able to offer those supporters the option of wearing a full face visor.

However it must be clear that there is NO option available under any circumstance of entering or remaining in the ground if neither a mask or a visor is worn.


In line with current regulations the club wishes to confirm that due to the increased risk of viral transmission, Smoking or Vaping is not permitted anywhere within the stadium including the 3 areas away from the stands areas that are normally reserved as “Smoking Areas”, these areas are suspended until further notice.

Please respect the health of others and help secure the future of spectators returning to sport by respecting these regulations.