Charters Peugeot Named In Best Car Dealers List

Long-standing Club sponsors Charters Peugeot have been named as one of the best car dealers of the year with a prestigious nationwide award.

Auto Express, Britain’s biggest weekly car magazine, included Charters in its list of Best Car Dealers 2017, collated from individual customer surveys and produced in association with Statista.

With their sister dealership, Charters Citroen, they are one of the best-known brands in Aldershot. Whether browsing a new car, booking in a repair or ordering parts, Charters offer the very best advice and service.

Staff from each department have already been recognised for their excellence in customer service, thanks to the Guild of Gold Lion awards, and, they say, “the recognition that the Auto Express Driver Power and Statista has given us has just solidified that we are on the right track.”

Aldershot Town extends our congratulations to Charters and thank them for their continued support.

For further information, visit or call 01252 939 307.