Changes to our #ShotsSuperSunday plans!

Due to the unexpected weather conditions, we are having to change our plans for #ShotsSuperSunday if it doesn’t improve soon.To keep you all informed and aware of plans as soon as possible, please read the below:

Children’s activities before the match will still go ahead at the front of the ground but unfortunately no ice cream will be available today!

The activities post-match in the East Bank Bar will potentially move to the North Stand (weather-depending). All bars will still be open throughout the day, (the EBB, ELM Centurion lounge and the JML). We will still be offering the same promotion as much as possible in these bars.

There will also be music around the ground beforehand, but live music will aim to be moved to the EBB Lounge once the Hospitality presentations have taken place post-match. This will take roughly 30 minutes after the final whistle has blown.

If the weather does improve, we will plan to have a BBQ outside the lounges but if not, once the Hospitality presentations have taken place post-match, we would like to welcome you all across the bars to join us after the game!

It is a great shame as we were all looking forward to the outside events, but please bear with us as we still hope to host an event today!

Our first-team staff will be around post-match as well to say thank you for your support this season too!