CAR PARKING: Further details following the closure of Parsons Barracks Car Park

Following the closure of Parsons Barracks Car Park to a private organisation, (as we await further information from the new owners), the club is still seeking alternatives for fans who require car parking on a matchday.

Therefore, we’d like to share these changes to our supporters moving forward, (until we hear more information starting with our home game against Bromley FC), below:

For our disabled supporters who require dropping off outside the ground, what will take place now is they will be able to be dropped off outside the side entrance.

Following this, the driver of the vehicle will need to seek alternative parking elsewhere near the football ground, similar to a drop-off system.

We also ask all supporters at the side entrance to continue bringing their ticket to allow them entry to the ground, as we appreciate these changes may take some time to get used to, and we appreciate all supporters for sticking with us on this.

Alternative parking near the football ground that is no longer Parsons Barracks can include, but is not limited to:

  • The multi-storey car park on Wellington Avenue (GU11 1SD)
  • Westgate Car Park (GU11 1NY)
  •  A limited amount of street parking is available around the stadium outside of Parsons Barracks (however, we would like to remind supporters to be respectful of local residents and their parking spaces, such as disabled parking for those who need it)