Barry: “I Like A Challenge”

Barry Smith has already set out his vision as Aldershot Town manager. Here’s a few key subjects that he’s covered so far…

Making the move down to England… “I like challenges. I see this as a challenge but it’s one that I’m going to succeed at. I see Aldershot Town as a great club. They’ve got the same aspirations as myself; I want to be successful and so does Aldershot Town. It’s a perfect fit. But I think the Board should be commended on this appointment – it’s a bit left-field for some people.”

The Shots’ potential… “The team are playing below par at the moment, and should be higher up the League. The aspirations are that if we have a great season we can get into the Play-Offs. It’ll be a big ask but it’s where we want to be. We have to build slowly, but we are looking to build a new squad and a team that the town of Aldershot is proud of.”

The Vanarama Conference… “I have got a knowledge of the Conference, but Chris has been here for two years already and he’ll help me a lot. I’ve noticed that a lot of the teams do go from back to front very quickly, and we’ve got to handle that – as a team we’ve got to defend properly. But I think what’s more important is our team, knowing what our team is going to do and knowing that they can adapt or change formation. I’ve got confidence in myself that we can build a team that is forward-thinking.”

The hallmarks of a Barry Smith team… “First and foremost, we’ll be disciplined and work hard. That’s paramount to any success. You’ve got to stick together as a team and I’m a strong leader. Players want to play for me because they know that I will give them respect, honesty and integrity, and I will expect that respect in return. We’ve got a great pitch and it’s one that deserves good football. I want to get the ball down and pass, and to play attacking football. I’m not stupid or naïve enough to think that’s going to happen in every game but that’s the way we’re going to set out to play, especially at home.”

Working with Chris Barker… “I’m delighted that Chris is staying, because I think he’ll be invaluable to me. We’ve got two guys who have played at a very high level, and when you put our knowledge together it can only be of benefit to Aldershot. That’s a massive positive. It’s good that Chris wants to progress in his own career, because I need people that are going to challenge me. I don’t want somebody that is going to sit there and agree with me, you don’t move forward that way. You need to be challenged every step of the way and I know that Chris will do that.”

The supporters… “You don’t know how much the players appreciate that, when the fans are right behind the team. We fully appreciate that they want to see a team on the park that they want to get behind, and that’s my job in building that. I know there will be tough times but that’s when teams are made, and all we ask is that they continue to give their whole-hearted support to the Club.”