We’re delighted to announce the winners of our Annual Shirt Raffle following the draw having been made earlier today!

You can watch the draw, conducted by Commercial Manager Mark Butler HERE

*The scheduled video failed to post but is now available to watch*

Please see below confirmation of each shirt and their respective winner.

Each entrant was assigned a random number and drawn to win one of the 28 shirts – which had also been assigned a random order.

Jai Rowe - Third 24 - Jack Abell
Faysal Bettache - Third9 - Lee Craig
Kenny Davis - Away3 - Martin Choularton
Myles Kenlock - Home13 - Tom Edgeller
Finlay Westen - GK Green10 - Ryan Holland
Ody Alfa - Away6 - Chris Heath
Tahvon Campbell - Away20 - Dave Shearer
Myles Kenlock - Third25 - Steve Marshall
Ody Alfa 'Ody' - Home26 - Charlie Peers
Karoy Anderson - Away12 - James Greenwood
Toby Fisher - GK Green14 - Jack Banner
Harrison Panayiotou - Third22 - Nick Collins
Jai Rowe - Home2 - Mark Readman
Morgan Roberts - Home4 - Andy Wilde
Lloyd Thomas - GK Green7 - Jack McKeown
Myles Kenlock - Away18 - Jack Boswell
Ody Alfa 'Alfa' - Home1 - Chris Hall
Tahvon Campbell - Third11 - Ross Porter
Ody Alfa - Third19 Sefton Owens
Peter Abimbola - Away16 - Joshua Craven
Kodi Lyons-Foster - Third15 - Callum Barker
Kenny Davis - Home5 - Chris Parmiter
Ollie Harfield - Third27 - Bobby Drury
Faysal Bettache - Away28 - Nick Cansfield
Morgan Roberts - Away8 - Ben Nolan
Kenny Davis - Third21 - Ray Anstee
Jai Rowe - Away23 - Clive Andrews
Marcel Elva-Fountaine - Third17 - Simon Regan

Thank you to everyone for getting involved and we hope you’re happy with your shirts!