Aldershot Town FC Statement

On Monday evening we received notification from the Shots Trust that it was their intention to relinquish their place on the Board of Directors. Unfortunately I only received the email from the Trust Chairman, Tommy Anderson, two minutes before a statement was placed in the public domain.

It is regrettable that, as the decision was apparently confirmed on 10th October at the Trust meeting, no contact was made to the football club explaining any concerns that the Trust had which would be in line with normal business practices. I, therefore, cannot address specific concerns as they have not previously been discussed with me or at the board meetings

Since joining the Board Tommy has attended all Board and Finance meetings, and, as far as I am aware, been given unfettered access to all club documents. He has been an integral part of all decision making. Board minutes show that he has supported all decisions and there is no record of any disagreement or dissent. I have no knowledge of any information request being denied

In 2016 I invited the Chairman of the Trust to accept a seat on the board. I wanted to give our supporters a voice in the running of the club, plus an insight into the issues and problems involved. Whilst we will not engage in a public debate with the Trust regarding this situation we will make contact to request clarification and further evidence to substantiate certain parts of their statement.

I also believe that clearer messages of communication will be required as we move forward to help alleviate any concerns that supporters may have with regards to the football club. It will be my intention to re-introduce the Fans Forum which have not been held for some time now plus a regular update from the Board via our YouTube channel.

I believe it is of paramount importance that everyone who cares about our club all pull in the same direction. It’s no secret that many clubs at our level operate in a very difficult environment, this has always been the case. I am proud of how we have managed these challenges over the last five years. I and the board would like to give you all our assurance that We will continue to do so.

Shahid Azeem