NEWS: Aldershot Town become a Football Food Aid club

Aldershot Town have decided to support Football Food Aid, in association with the British Red Cross, to help local food banks supply 72 hour food parcels for those in need.

The football club have partnered up with the supporters club to receive donations and distribute these packs via the Crimea Pub, right across the road from the EBB Stadium. The pub is run by the chairman of the supporters club, Ray Hedgeman.

A variety of packs are being supplied to the community, ranging from dairy and gluten free packs to Ramadan parcels.

These packs have been designed to last for 72 hours and include a variety of available meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also include essential items such as shower gel and toilet roll which people may be short on.

If you would like to donate anything then please drop by the Crimea between 10am and 2pm where someone will be on hand to collect your piece of generosity.

Food should be sealed and in date and premises should have a fridge-freezer accessible for storage. The best types of food are non-perishables and items such as tinned food (fruit and vegetables), rice, dried pasta etc. are ideal as they have long shelf lives and suit most socio-cultural, dietary and allergy requirements.

From here the packs will be assembled and distributed to those who need them most!