Foundation Phase U7-U12 lead coach Adam Maltby gives us an update on the Foundation Phase U7-U12 return and fixtures, update on local Development Centres and how they are run, update on the annual EBB Tournament and how the girls are getting involved in football!

Hear what the U7-U12’s lead coach had to say in full:

Q: What are your plans for the summer on holiday camps?

“So, for the summer camps, we have three weeks of holiday camps at Alderwood School. The plan is to run three standard holiday camps for U7-U12’s and then we have a girls-only camp which we will be running as well.

“Then, we have an attacking course as well. It’s similar to what we did last time in the Midfield Magician course in the previous half-term. This attacking course will be held in the summer.”

Q: It must feel good to get the girls involved as well because I know the academy focuses on the boys more than the girls but it’s good to see the girls participating.

“Yeah, 100%. It’s always been a challenge for the Shots Foundation as well as the academy to get more girls participating. Of course, we can cover them (girls) around the after-school clubs and our girls development centres but again, I feel like it will be great to have a girls-only holiday camp because again, it’s longer days and more football for them as well to play.”

Q: How are the current development centres run locally? How are they doing at the moment?

“Yeah, they’re doing ok. Returning from lockdown, we run a Tomlinscote development centre for the U7-U12’s from 5-6:30pm. The number are good there, we have about 20 there and at the Alderwood development centre, we have around 30 from U7-U12’s.

“To be fair, when we resumed from lockdown, the numbers have stayed the same which is good because we wanted those kids back in, playing their football, so again our main aim is to grow those number, even more, to get back to normality really and then carry on their development as well as them playing for their grassroots clubs.”

Q: For the Foundation Phase (U7-U12’s), when did their fixtures return and who have they played?

“When we returned to training on the 29th March, we went straight into Easter half-term. We managed to get fixtures against Farnham United, Eastleigh FC and Dartford FC through the Easter half-term period so our U7-U12’s played against them.

“This was really good because they managed to come back and enjoy their football again and get back to competitive football. The Surrey Youth League which is what the U7-U12’s play every Sunday, returned on the 11th April.

“That was when their first round of fixtures were and again, because obviously the league wanted to keep everything as safe as possible when returning, we played local clubs around us such as Ascot United and Curley Park Rangers so it was good to see and it was good for everyone to get back to normal really. When we started, we hit it off.”

Q: Are there any updates on the EBB Tournament in terms of how many teams have joined so far and how the day will be run?

“Yeah, currently we have 64 teams that have signed on to the EBB Tournament. Obviously, myself and James (Edmonds) from the previous update will be running it. Again, it’s the EBB Tournament’s aim to get anyone really who would like to join the tournament for the summer term and of course, it’s run on the 5-6th June.

“The layout looks like it will be every team participating in group stages to start off and then there will be knockout stages such as the semi-finals and your finals. Alongside that, there will be plans for a barbeque on the side of it and a load of fun side challenges such as penalty shootouts.

“Everyone can enjoy their day out as well but that’s the update on that so currently, 64 teams which is good and there is still room/spaces available for each group except age groups U10’s and U11’s which I believe are full at the moment.

“If you are willing and interested to get in contact with me, just email me ( and I will always keep you updated if there are any dropouts and etc.”


You can watch the full interview on the academy’s official YouTube channel HERE!