23/24 SHIRT RAFFLE: Your chance to win a match-prepared first-team shirt!

The 23/24 shirt raffle is now live, meaning you have the chance to win a match prepared – or in most cases a match worn – shirt from our first-team this season for just £50!

We also have three special prizes to add to the list; all signed by the entire first-team squad!

We are currently limiting entries to just two per person, in order to give as many people the opportunity to enter, and there are 37 prizes in total meaning there is only 37 entries available.

In order to be transparent, the raffle draw will be filmed. All prizes listed below will be numbered from 1-37 as they are shown below: A number and raffle entrant will then be drawn at random to show which shirt has been won by which entrant.

To secure your place in the raffle, simply email our Commercial Manager Mark Butler at

The following shirts are all signed and match worn:

  • Stuart O’Keefe – Away
  • Christian Maghoma – Home
  • Olly Scott – Third
  • Kwame Thomas – Third
  • Tommy Willard – Away
  • James Daly – Away
  • James Daly -Third
  • Ollie Bray – Third
  • Josh Barrett – Home
  • Josh Barrett – Away
  • Josh Barrett – Third
  • Dylan Kadji – Home
  • Dylan Kadji – Away
  • Dylan Kadji – Third

The following shirts are all signed and match prepared:

  • Finlay Westen – Purple GK
  • Jasper Sheik – Green GK
  • Alex MacAllister – Home
  • Alex MacAllister – Away
  • Alex MacAllister – Third
  • Zain Walker – Home
  • Zain Walker – Away
  • Zain Walker – Third
  • Oliver Turner – Third
  • Ollie Bray – Away
  • Ashley Akpan – Home
  • Ashley Akpan – Third

The following shirts are all unsigned and match worn:

  • Henry Ochieng – Home
  • Max Dyche – Home
  • Max Dyche – Away
  • Joe Haigh – Home
  • Joe Haigh – Away
  • Joe Haigh – Third

The following shirts are unsigned and match prepared:

  • Henry Ochieng – Away
  • Max Dyche – Third
  • Jack Bycroft – Purple GK

We also have three extra prizes available as part of the raffle:

  • 23/24 Away shirt signed by all of the first-team
  • Club football signed by all of the first-team