Your 2017-18 Team Photo

Aldershot Town have presented their 2017-18 squad and confirmed that Callum Reynolds and Scott Rendell will retain their positions as team captain and vice-captain respectively.

There were also three other key squad members who starred at the team photocall – Shots fans Rhys Emberson, Jack Boswell and Elannah Osgood, daughter of the Club’s first-ever captain Dave – all seated in the front row!

Squad numbers are confirmed as:

1 Jake Cole

2 Nick Arnold

3 Cheye Alexander

5 Will Evans

7 Shamir Fenelon

8 Manny Oyeleke

9 Scott Rendell

10 Matt McClure

11 Bernard Mensah

12 Will de Havilland

14 Shaun Okojie

15 Kodi Lyons-Foster

16 Jake Gallagher

17 Jim Kellermann

18 James Rowe

22 Callum Reynolds

23 Luca Wrightman

24 Matt Bozier

25 Mark Smith

27 Bobby-Joe Taylor

29 Charlie Dawkins