Akiko Design – Official Shorts Sponsors

This season Akiko Design are Aldershot Town’s official shorts sponsors.

Akiko Design create digital strategies and branding solutions for a wide range of clients and industry sectors, developed by our award-winning design team.

In all our projects, which range from microsites to huge e-commerce platforms, Akiko Design aim to produce unique digital experiences for our clients. The first step is to agree a strategy that will deliver the type of website needed. This involves helping clients choose between responsive and adaptive design and then tailoring the build to meet their needs by integrating key marketing tools such as video, social media and other marketing collateral.

With an award-winning creative reputation and a track record for clear strategic thinking, our clients benefit from our holistic view of their brand communications, helping them to keep their image ahead of the game.

Apps help organisations connect to their customers on the move, creating new opportunities and building loyalty. They work for any business in any sector and we can create, design and deliver apps to fit all our clients’ needs.

As part of our suite of services, Akiko can also offer compelling 3D animations for technical demonstrations, reality simulations, special effects, product launches and much more.

Further information can be found on Akiko Design’s website: www.akikodesign.com

The Akiko Design team can also be reached on (01483) 510 510 and would be happy to discuss your digital requirements or set up a free initial consultation.